At the rear of the home is a beautiful landscaped garden. A lawn, large patio, numerous trees and pretty flowers are regularly tended by our skilled gardener. A pretty little pond with a water fountain nestles in a corner of the garden, surrounded by a variety of shrubs and plants. In all seasons, the grounds are kept neat and attractive and provide scenic and peaceful surroundings. The generous seating, framed by a picturesque wooden pergola is particularly well used and appreciated in warm weather by residents and visitors.

Woodbine Manor is proud of its furry and feathered residents! The rabbits, in their hutches in the main grounds are much loved whilst our chickens in the smaller side garden are fascinating to watch. They were hatched in an incubator in full view in the lounge, and have now grown to adulthood and lay their own eggs. The second garden is also home to our very successful vegetable patch, its healthful, organic produce is incorporated into our delectable menus.